November 2022

League of Legends, Indeed!

  Hard to believe that gaming generates more revenue than Television, Film and Music industries combined. That means big shows, baby. The League of Legends World Championship took place at the Chase Center Arena in San Fransisco this past weekend. This is a gaming competition that toured Mexico City, New York City, Atlanta then San Francisco. All in big arenas. The production was insane – we did the exterior podcast area and big activation. That's our trip – custom, difficult stuff for big events. Smash success thanks to Chris and his crew of geniuses - It rained a bit, but whatevs – we handled it. Thanks to ConCom and Riot Games for including us! Sad music by Low – RIP Mimi Parker. read more..

Warning: Proud Dad Post

  Our boy Charles graduated in the middle of the gross Pandemic when no one was working, but a year later he was the General Manager of The Roxy Theater on Sunset. Amazing - running the joint at 23. Now Olivia has graduated (this year), and at 22 was on the Late Show this week with Will Arnett. She is working full time as a stylist and is rubbing noses and picking out cool clothes for some of Hollywood's biggest and brightest. And best of all, Goldenvoice pays for Charlie's health insurance! Here is Olivia participating in a gag with Will and James Corden, and Charlie dealing with a riot outside The Roxy just a few months in to his new job. GO GUYS, GO! read more..

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