September 2022

D23 and Ye!

  We've been just absolutely cranking for the last two months, as have most in our industry. Very grateful for that. Cranking on gigs means no time for blog entries, so rather than showing 12 different ones, here is one of the funnest and biggest. D23 is of course the official fan club for all things Disney. The passion is so deep there is also a huge convention called D23, giving more access to lovers of The Mouse. Right Brain brought us along to build a big booth for them/Hulu, and Damminger Productions had us put up a big LED screen to premiere the new Pinocchio movie. Always upbeat and happy, unlike some of the political haters on them. Next time you are in Chianti, visit the little medieval village of Collodi – that's where Carlo Collodi was born, and he wrote the tales of Pinocchio there. Fantasy never gets old... read more..

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