November 2019


  We're still buzzin’ a bit, a week after this one. What a wonderful process - Jeff dreams up a 360 degree LED surround concept with presentation stages on all four walls, for an upcoming UGG sales meeting. We pitch the CEO and a few of his SVPs, and they're intrigued. We then take notes from the client, re-work the design a couple of times, re-present a couple of times, and BAM, we're on. Jeff and Matt Warren then spend the next four months working on content and showflow and the overall message, alongside these hard-hitting execs. As we get closer to show time, we feel the weight of the importance of this show to a big corporation. They trusted us to deliver, so we best not blow it. We didn't. It was amazing. Then Haim comes on at the end of the 1 hour presentation and rocks everyone. It's everything any of us want in a gig - Creativity, Wicked tech, Mavericks surf just outside the venue, and Visionary clients who trust us... Thank you, Gaia. read more..

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