August 2016

You Gotta Fast Car

This was just a really clean installation in a funky downtown warehouse for a crazy-fancy car company. We were invited by Shamin Abas whom we met on our last-ever gig with our dear friend Craig Donahue. RIP Craig. Shamin was tasked with introducing the new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso to the LA market, so she brought us in to make it shine. This is a two seat supercar coupe that only costs $300K. Nice way to dip your toe in with Ferrari. We did the gig at 440 Seaton which is one of many up-and-coming beat up, old warehouses in the arts district downtown that are becoming the places to be. I heart gentrification, I have to admit. Nice reveal with live performance introducing the car with a bunch of low-lying fog and video and audio effects. If only they had an electric version... read more..

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