May 2014

Believe It!

Special mid-month Edition of the widely anticipated ShowPro Blog. It's time to talk about what time it is. It's time to understand that you can put solar panels on your building, take advantage of some tax credits, and pay for the freekin' thing in 6 years. Believe it!  Here is a copy of our last electric bill - 20,000 square foot warehouse with 15 full time employees testing big, bright lights and LED walls, keeping their lunches cool in two refrigerators and powering up two electric cars for $82 a month. BELIEVE IT MAN, 'CAUSE IT'S REAL. read more..

Big Things Come in Small Rooms!

Who says you can't put a 50 foot wide screen in a small ballroom?  Not Campos Creative, that's for sure.  Eric and Lori included us in a prestigious X Prize event  in a ballroom at the Terranea in Palos Verdes. Typically it would be a squeeze to get a couple of 9x16 foot screens in a room this size. But they worked the design and gave us some nice RP distance and we were able to create a stunning and functional backdrop to a very important conference about changing the world. Si Se Puede!, One big-blend at a time! read more..

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