September 2013

The Train as a Metaphor

We promised you another look at Doug Aitken's Station to Station tour.  Well, today's the last day of the month-long nomadic journey across this enchanted country.  What can we say?  Grueling hours and Gorgeous people and Galvanizing art and Garrulous fans.  Picture yourself on a train in a station with a man with a whip and Beck singing songs.  Ah, it's too hard to describe... OK picture yourself in a yurt in Santa Fe with a bed and a mirror ball and a lot of smoke. Oh forget it - just check out this great picture that Jose took somewhere between Pittsburgh and Chicago.  Adam Rosen = genius.  S2S crew from ShowPro = best road crew EVER.  I gotta go. read more..

Most Extravagant Show Ever???

Man, we've done some insane shows over the years, but this one might be the maddest. Bounce helped Hermes open their new store in Beverly Hills and they brought the creativity ON. Guests entered the new 3labs venue in Culver City by walking across a custom wooden plank bridge that spanned a not-so-small Lake. There was a giant rising moon, there were remote controlled boats, there were florescent mono-chromatic rooms with interactive art kiosks, there was an uber-masculine Library with book shelves and ladders and leather couches and windows that were 80" displays looking out in to Paris, and there was the SWIMMING POOL ROOM.  We put in a 40' x 40' 9 mil white LED CEILING over the guests' heads, as they partied at the bottom of a swimming pool.  Look up and you will see swimmers doing flips overheard and look next to you and you will see young beautiful models in swimming suits synchronized swimming. Insanity. We did wide blended projection from short distances and large vertical displays that looked like windows, and did I mention the Swimming Pool Room? Gonna be tough to top this one... read more..

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