February 2013

Grammys 2013

February is another month that needs more than one post -  so much going on.  And lest we ever forget, February means Grammys.  This year Person of the Year was Bruce Springsteen, with tribute perfomances by Sting, Elton, Neil Young, Patti Smith, Mumford, and on and on...  I think we dig that show more than the Grammys themselves.  Here's a nice shot of the stage from the after party that we've done now for 13 years.  Larry O-designed stage with Sharpies and Versatubes and projection.  SO 2013! read more..

The Thrill Ain't Gone!

Our buddy John McGuire brought us out to the Empire (Coachella) Polo Grounds to support him on a BB King show. John and Victoria co-produced this event and it was a big hit. Nice chance to hang at Coachella a month before the madness drops in. 3000 people came out to see the King of the Blues and to sample local beers and wines. Nearly full moon on nice cool night - I even got to bring my boy Charlie out to see a legend. Fun gig. read more..

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