June 2012

Dom, David Lynch and David Rodgers

June is just massive -  one posting won't cut it.  We had the tres cool opportunity to work with our fave David Rodgers as he helped Dom Perignon introduce their new Brut and Rose bottles for 2013.  David Lynch designed the bottle and was on hand to reveal the new design.  It was the typical non-typical event design with the Davids.  Mad 80 foot long tunnel in all black with only smoke and Versatubes to guide the way.  Sweet projection on the exterior of Milk Studios where the gig happened.  We also had a cool band of imagery that was 60 feet long, on the hard cyc wall in one of the studios.  Sean Cagney came along for the ride, designing us a Fill-Me-Up gag where guests walked by an RP video screen, and saw their silhouettes filled with sparks.  Then we reconnected with Dietrich Jeungling who has done projection design for Pink Floyd's The Wall among many other things.  Dieter gave us some really cool 3D mapped projection looks, inside the hangar wall at Milk (see how the corrugated panels appear to 'pop out' from the wall behind the stage?).  The Kills rocked hard and other than massive exhaustian, everyone went home happy.  The funky ones never get old... read more..

E3 2012

Yes, the busiest week of the year, but the most satisfying, too.  Well, the satisfying part will kick in soon, I'm sure.  Maybe when the checks come??  We love this week -  Ubisoft, Disney, Tera, and a few others too.  Big giant trade show booths that have become art galleries and big fat press events that are viewed by millions.  Here's the Ubisoft press briefing.  Got to work with a new agency called Touch Worldwide.  Great folks - seriously -  not that often that you find a bunch of people doing large corporate events that aren't screamers.  Not the case with the Touch peeps - lovely experience.  But seriously with the hard core violence in these games -  Seriously? read more..

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