Although GNR and LCD Soundsystem and a bunch of DJs were at the top of the bill this year, both weekends were pretty much owned by Sia. Huge press, rave reviews, massive audience, and our favorite 14 year old dancer Maddie from Dance Moms performing along side of Her Sia-ness. Seibo brought us out to do projection mapping on her backdrop. Super cool concept - Sia does not like to be lit (or seen), so production designer Michael Keeling designed projection to do most of the lighting. Yes we left Sia in dark "doors" within the projection, often. And when we didn't anti-light her, she hid behind the bangs of her wigs. Smart girl - write hit songs for others and get paid massively, have a few hits yourself for fun touring stories, and still be able to sit in a Pete's without anyone bugging you.

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