Susan Tesh and VER brought us along to help out with the inaugural Electronic Music Awards show, at Willow Studios in the Arts District in DTLA. No speeches, no monologues, no red carpet. The concept was to make this awards show feel like home to the EDM community. The show was basically a mini-festival. Three stages, electronic legends like Moby and Paul Oakenfold and Orbital, as well as new acts like autograf and Illenium. The entire event was streamed live on Twitter, including a 360degree stream of the Moby set. The live show started promptly at 7:47pm. Why 7:47 you ask in a production meeting? Because we can, says the producer. We worked with LD Tom Sutherland who is wicked talented. Ligo pulled off miracles putting this show together with a week's notice. Thank you Ligo, Thank you Susan Tesh, Thank you Cleveland.

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